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Magic of the Hermanus Forest Theatre


Set in the backdrop of the Hemel & Aarde Valley the locals embrace the daring new concept of the captivating Forest Amphitheatre. Located amidst the vegetation and towering green trees on the Camphill road, the Amphitheatre was built for the sole purpose of mesmerizing guests with the undeniably beauty of our natural environment, while entertaining guests with live performances. Strolling in the shadows, with the buzz of the insects in the undergrowth and the birds calling in the canopies above the enormous capacity of the Amphitheatre overwhelms you.

As sunlight escapes the branches, streams of light dances on guests all eagerly filling into the theatre. It is easy to envisage 300guests sitting comfortably on professionally built slopes, amongst the trees and natural sounds of the forest all waiting eagerly - anticipating the arrival of the performers.